Europan Inter Sessions Forum Badajoz

In October 2016 David Flygar, Karin Lindström, Käbi Noodapera Ramel and Malin Svensson represented Mosaik Arkitekter and ”Monster Planning” at the Europan Inter Sessions Forum in Badajoz, Spain. 

The topic of the workshop was ”Architecture to the Rhythms of City and Nature” and the aim was urban proposals for the region of Extremadura. 

”To arouse interactivity at a European level, Europan and the Junta de Extremadura invite the E13 winning teams (winners and runners-up) for 4 days to consider and design scenarios on the session topic – ”The Adaptable City” – applied to urban contexts in the region. Three urban situations were proposed for the Workshop, all three located in 2 nearby towns: Olivienza and Valencia de Alcántara” (Europan 13 Inter Sessions Forum folder).

David, Karin & Käbi’s workshop group took a point of departure in the rural exodus and the city Valencia de Alcántara’s remaining elderly citizens. The project aimed to find ways to emphasize what the elderly already do appreciate in order to make the city even more lively and appealing for them, as well as for others. Although, this also led to different strategies for the city’s empty properties; how these could be made accessible for others as either dwellings or public space to recreate urban life.

Their team members were: Giovanni Glorialanza (IT), Michael Schott (DE), Mario Vila Quelle (ES), Antonio García Martos (ES), Carlos Gor Gómez (ES), Álvaro Gor Gómez (ES), David Flygar (SE), Käbi Noodapera Ramel (SE) & Karin Lindström (SE).

Malin’s team worked with a strategy which made use of all the empty buildings in the city of Valencia del Alcantara. The empty houses are mainly dwelling units owned by people who live and work in another city. The strategy is a program which gives the owners of the empty buildings tax relieves if they provide their building for the municipality of Valencia del Alcantara, to in their turn provide to a third part in exchange for services for the city. A kind of three party contract. The municipality will gain increased activity in the city, the building owned will have a reduction of taxes and the dweller (third part person) is given the opportunity to dwell for free and will then have more time for creative or for the public good. 

The team members were: Camille Le Bivic (FR), Florent Vidaling (FR), Marc Torras Montfort (ES), Annelie Seemann (DE) & Malin Svensson (SE). 

Read more about the workshop results on Europans website


Photo and video by Karin Lindström